Why Writers Write

From the pictorial imagery on the walls of the pyramids and Mohenjadaro to the wattpad newbies, the art of telling the heart tale has seen an epic journey. There are all sort of writers; boring, exotic, captivating, heart throbs, the list goes on. But they all share the same ingredient, Desire to React. Every writer may speak of a different reason to write and that is the prime motivational force. Writings are basically divided into categories of fiction and non fiction, though both are intertwined. Fiction takes from real life events and non fiction follows the same urge of finding … Continue reading Why Writers Write

What to do with your archived degrees?

With the advent of globalization, technological advancement and marketing, arose a whole new pack of subjects and studies. Journalism became mass comm, literature shifted more towards linguistics and mba s merged into newer domains. HR departments were introduced and a new boom of books, material and subjects came into existence causing a mushroom growth of institutes. But there came a problem with this intro of new subjects. People who had long time ago attended universities, found their degrees not needed any more. Masters in Political Sciences and Journalism is one example of it. People who now want to do M. … Continue reading What to do with your archived degrees?