Why Writers Write

From the pictorial imagery on the walls of the pyramids and Mohenjadaro to the wattpad newbies, the art of telling the heart tale has seen an epic journey. There are all sort of writers; boring, exotic, captivating, heart throbs, the list goes on. But they all share the same ingredient, Desire to React. Every writer may speak of a different reason to write and that is the prime motivational force.

Writings are basically divided into categories of fiction and non fiction, though both are intertwined. Fiction takes from real life events and non fiction follows the same urge of finding the missing tranquility and peace as in fiction. Writers have different driving forces, most of them write to let the blob unleash. Writers are creators, they know the recipe of tales and they add their special flavour to it. Writers assert in their interviews varying narratives how they began writing.

For Athar Tahir, writing fiction is one of his multiple  expressionist identities of an artist. He has also mastered the art of calligraphy and writing non fiction, yet poetry, short story and now novel writing gives him a novice way of implementing a fusion of visualization, creative arts and the three C (conceptualization, craft, composition). He finds it a way of refracting upon the socio cultural sensibility of his surroundings throughout his bureaucrat career and the times before and after this bracket.

And as for me, I started writing stories quite late in my odyssey. I began creating stories for survival purpose. We at the time were three siblings who had to share a double bed. We three used to have turns who shall sleep in the center and I being not so eager to sleep on the side would exchange places with the middle one for narrating a story. Once given the middle slot, I would narrate to them stories. Interestingly, the title of the story always remained the same “The Jackol of the Moonlight” but the episode would be new every night. The most interesting thing for me at that time was the howling sound I would then make while announcing: “The Mooooonnnnlight Jackol is coming” for that never failed to pull screams out of the throats of my siblings. The story would halt at the scolding entry of my mom, yet it enabled me to practice captivating voice overs. My fan circle expanded to cousins and children of uncle aunts who visited us occasionally. There we d sit around a table and I shall begin a story. Any elder person would dare me to create a story even they d be afraid of and that challenged the storyteller in me.Then I began creating stories for my first born baby. I started narrating to him tales when he as seven months old. Simultaneously I started working as a ghost novelist, content writer and would post some of my originals on wattpad. My Fiction Work on wattpad gave me audience. After doing an M. Phil in Eng Literature from Kinnaird College and conducting various Creative Writing Courses on short story writing and novel writing, I started to blog. Parallelly, I satisfied my visual arts cravings through making interactive presentations.

My prime reason to write is to share with others my lens through which I learn life. Though everyone has different reasons to write, we all share the same urge to refract back on our culture, land and psyche.


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