What to do with your archived degrees?

With the advent of globalization, technological advancement and marketing, arose a whole new pack of subjects and studies. Journalism became mass comm, literature shifted more towards linguistics and mba s merged into newer domains. HR departments were introduced and a new boom of books, material and subjects came into existence causing a mushroom growth of institutes.

But there came a problem with this intro of new subjects. People who had long time ago attended universities, found their degrees not needed any more. Masters in Political Sciences and Journalism is one example of it. People who now want to do M. Phil in Political Science do not find many universities offering the program now.

Such problems cause frustration among students as they do not want to change to a new field and assume the only purpose of their degree now is to be fuel to bon fire.

But there s always a new sun. To begin with, people can begin with relating the significant features they learnt from their syllabus. They can further extend the topic to a comparison of their syllabus with the newly introduced curricula and show what s missing or what s been added. Not only it would help numerous people who faced the same problem, but unconsciously would let the researcher find the incompetence of their own degree and would lessen the pain. It would also let the researcher to learn newer skills and topics that would make his knowledge up to date.

It takes effort, and one might find it irritating initially, but its less a hastle than going for another degree program altogether a new.

They can also get their research published or share the problems that they encountered while they were studying. All this will help the current researchers and their experience would become a useful commodity.

The new era of education may have eliminated many degree programs from the universities program list, yet people holding those degrees can still manuvor ways to make their degrees work through sharing their knowledge and personal experiences and become useful.


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